Auto Clear Dice and Bugfixes

January 30, 2023 - v0.31.2
  • Adds an option to auto clear your dice after a roll. This new setting can be found in the Dice Roller. When enabled, anytime you add new dice to your roller, if all previous dice have already been rolled, they will be removed as well as any currently selected buffs and refs.
  • Unselecting a Dice Pool now removes the dice that it added to the roller.
  • Unselecting any gameplay element now unselects all linked elements.
  • Fixes Dice Pool menu from appearing behind other UI elements.
  • Fixes highlighting the active section in a sheet's table of contents.
  • Fixes a crash when switching between sheets that have different sections.
  • Fixes a crash from attempting to drag a group on a read only sheet or template.

Focus Mode and AV Bugfixes

January 20, 2023 - v0.31.1
  • New video "Focus Mode": When in speaker view, screensharing, or maximizing an asset, focus mode will hide the video thumbnails of other players in the room.
  • Moves the audio player to the bottom of the panel.
  • Fixes some logic that determines when you are in grid view vs speaker view.
  • Fixes a couple UI bugs with the audio panel.
  • Fixes lobby music or shared music getting stuck playing when going to a different page or refreshing your browser.
  • Fixes AV controls remembering your last used device.

Audio Assets

January 13, 2023 - v0.31.0

Did you hear that? The subtle rustle of wilderness creatures, the cool wind whistling through the trees, the hum of a bustling town center, the crescendo of heroic theme music as the encounter begins…

Audio features have arrived on Role!

We’re proud to unveil one of our most-requested feature updates: Sound effects & music are now fully supported to make your games even more exciting, immersive, and fun.

Audio assets are now available for Room hosts!

Room Hosts will find a new tab in your Play Panel for uploading and playing music, sound effects, and other audio files. Playing audio in a room will also stream it to everyone in your video call. For now, this feature is only available to the host of the room, so that they can control the ambiance and set the right immersive mood for the adventure!

Lobby Music: Hosts can also set any audio file in a room to be the lobby music. Lobby music plays automatically when players enter the room before they join the video call.

We’ve also updated our room tutorial for new users! We now provide a quick walk-through of the features available in a room to help onboard new players.

Get started with our Audio FAQ

Room Theming and Video Improvements

December 13, 2022 - v0.30.0

Room Theming

Hosts can now theme their rooms for better customization of their gaming experience!

  • In your Room Settings you'll find new options for uploading background art, choosing the UI colors, and setting the colors that get assigned to players.
  • Players can now go to their Settings in a room and select which colors from the room's theme they would like to use.

To learn more check out our Room Theming FAQ.

Video Improvements

We've got many new improvements to how video on Role works:

  • Speaker mode now available! You can switch between grid view and speaker view. When in speaker view, automatic detection of who is speaking keeps that person front and center. Click on a person to pin them and make them as the main focus.
  • New UX: Videos now appear in square format to better maximize how much space each person can take up on screen. Viewing a map, image, or screen share now takes up the maximum available screen space with players sitting on top.
  • Improve video tile layout logic to make sure everyone is always visible.

To learn more check out our Table Guide FAQ.

Sheet Bugfixes

November 28, 2022 - v0.28.1
  • Fixed dropdowns in sheets sometimes showing a different sheet's value.
  • Fixed ordering of sheets/templates in the custom sheet loader in a room. They now show up alphabetically.
  • Fixed autocomplete from pre-filling the form fields when creating a new room.

Room Updates

November 21, 2022 - v0.28.0

For our next iteration of UX updates in our Game Rooms, we’ve streamlined the UI in a few key ways:

  • No more white bar! We’ve removed that large eye sore from the top of the page.
  • We’ve consolidated room title, game title, settings, inviting, and sheet selection to an area at the top of the sheet panel on the left of your screen. This allows you to tuck all of that away to maximize space for people, videos, and maps/images.
  • We’ve made sure the last few remaining white pop-up menus in a room now adhere to the theme colors.
  • We’ve redesigned how you switch between sheets in your room. Now all your sheets, and the sheets shared by others, appear in the same dropdown with more context. This new sheet selection dropdown shows you the avatars, usernames, and privacy of all your sheets in one place!

Play Panel Updates

November 3, 2022 - v0.27.0

Groups & Searching

  • We took the "files" tab in the play panel and split it out into more distinct groups: Books & Apps, Images, Maps, and Tokens.
  • You can now search materials in your room!
  • We gave the materials in the play panel a color upgrade to match the theme of the room.

Misc Updates

  • Added the ability to see your purchased content in the play panel when setting up a new room from a game.
  • Added the ability to pan and zoom images and maps in preview rooms.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occured when entering a preview room.
  • Fixes being able to see groups in template previews.

Preview Rooms

October 25, 2022 - v0.26.0
  • All games on the platform now come with a free, public preview room! If you want to check out a Game like Lancer, or see what Role as a platform has to offer, you can do so without needing to be logged in or having an account. While in a preview room for a game, you can check out the theme, premade sheets, and any of the free materials before deciding to buy the game or create a game room.
  • Added sections to our games page to group paid and free titles together.
  • Fixed being able to open & close groups and dropdowns when previewing a sheet or template.

Updated Create Modal

October 4, 2022 - v0.25.2

We've updated the create flow from the dashboard. We now have a singular Create button located in the top right of your dashboard that let's you jump into creation for sheets, rooms, and assets from one spot.

Supplement Support

September 29, 2022 - v0.25.1
  • Added support for game supplements enabling us to distribute your favorite TTRPGs and all of their supporting materials.
  • Fixed a crash with maps and tokens.