Video Temporarily Disabled

January 1, 2024 - v0.40.0

Dear Role Players,

In early December we were informed that our video provider would be shutting down their service. We are working on integrating a new service provider for audio/video calls, but in the meantime we are disabling the ability to create or join video calls. This affects the following features:

  • Joining audio/video calls
  • Screensharing
  • Streaming music to players

These features are disabled temporarily until we can integrate with a new service provider. We understand that this is a major interruption for many game rooms and we are doing our best to get Role back to full power as soon as possible! Any questions, feel free to email us at

The Role Team

Sheet Template Bugfixes

July 29, 2023 - v0.39.1
  • Fixed an issue preventing sheet templates from being deleted from your dashboard.
  • Fixed being able to unsave sheet templates that comes from a product you haven't purchased.
  • Fixed properly showing "Duplicate" button when previewing a sheet template if you have already saved it.
  • Fixed loading custom dice from sheet templates coming from a game.
  • Fixed sheet templates you searched for showing up as if you had saved them already.
  • Fixed crash that sometimes happened when signing out while viewing a product page.
  • Fixed incorrectly redirecting you to the wrong page when signing in.

Store and Dashboard Performance

June 12, 2023 - v0.39.0
  • First pass at dashboard performance improvements. Games, rooms, sheets, templates, assets have been optimized to load more quickly.
  • Added a filter panel to the store. This let's you find new games based on product type, price, complexity, or average session length.
  • Added new sections to the store: Bestsellers, Free Quickstarts, and Role Exclusives.
  • Fixed unnecessarily showing the new user Room First Time Experience if you are joining a room. We now only show it when you are creating your first room.

Custom Dice and Search

May 18, 2023 - v0.38.0

Custom Dice

You can now create custom sided dice from within a room and within the template builder!

  • The Dice Roller in a room now has a new option in the top right to access Dice Settings. This is only visible to a Room Host.
  • Hosts can toggle which dice are available in the room, as well as set the default color.
  • From within the dice settings, hosts can also create custom sided dice for use by everyone in the room.
  • In the Templater Builder, you can add custom dice to the template. These dice are usuable in a Dice Pool element as well as when creating an Element Link to the Dice Roller.


We've updated our search to begin moving it towards a global search. When searching you will now see games available on the platform, products that are for sale, as well as templates published by the community.


  • Fixed dice with default color having a border after they are rolled.
  • Fixed being able to update the color of an element's dice link.
  • Fixed updating card settings from overwriting all room settings.

New Dashboard

April 27, 2023 - v0.37.0

We've updated your dashboard to our latest design patterns!

  • Updated UI for Rooms, Sheets, Templates, Assets.
  • New Games page under My Stuff shows you your purchases core and supplement books.

Screen Share Bugfix

April 24, 2023 - v0.36.1
  • Fixed an issue with screen sharing on certain browsers.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to login with invalid credentials.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happens when loading the chat.
  • Fixed FTE issue when checking for a publisher name.
  • Fixed allowing creators to edit templates that are assigned to their publisher account.

New Room First Time Experience

April 17, 2023 - v0.36.0
  • We've updated the Room creation flow for new users. You'll now be prompted to search for a game and we'll help you pre-populate your new room with materials.
  • We've added support for our store to handle preorders for upcoming titles.

Sheet Slots and Clocks Fixes

April 7, 2023 - v0.35.3
  • Fixed Slots and Clocks having a mismatch in the count vs how many items show up.
  • Fixed Buff graphic correctly expanding when it's set to take up 2 columns.

Sheet Fixes

March 23, 2023 - v0.35.2
  • Strips markdown syntax from collapsed group titles.
  • Fixed video tiles having incorrect sheet avatar assigned to them.
  • Fixed crashes related to empty sheets.

Store Updates and Sheet Controls

March 13, 2023 - v0.35.0

Store Updates

We've begun transitioning to our updated Dashboard UI! With this release our dashboard is undergoing a design update to unify our entire app to our latest dark purple theme. This initial update has our store page and product pages updated with our latest designs, including products pages being themed to the game they represent!

More to come on this front including:

  • Updated designs for your rooms, sheet, and materials.
  • Better searching and filtering options.
  • Improved performance of all aspects of your dashboard for a snappier loading experience.

Sheet Controls

We've added some more options for sharing the viewing & editing permissions of your sheets in a room. From a sheet's options menu you will now see the private and share toggles replaced with two new options: Viewers and Editors. Each of these settings gives you the following choices:

  • You: Only you can view or edit the sheet.
  • You + Host: Only you and the host of the room can view or edit the sheet.
  • Everyone: Anyone in the room can view or edit the sheet.


  • Fixed chat getting stuck in a loading state.
  • Fixed crash in preview rooms when toggling open the dice total.
  • Fixed 1Password trying to fill passwords when creating a new room.
  • Fixed switching between shared and private assets when not connected to a video call.
  • Fixed changing a shared asset to private closing the asset for the party.
  • Fixed dice rolls being associated with the wrong person when in speaker mode and viewing an asset.