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Welcome to a new kind of Role-Playing platform, focused on people-first imaginative group play.

Play your way with high-quality video chat, simple & intuitive gameplay tools, and easy code-free customization for playing any game you can imagine.

Every story, every world, every version of you.
This is your Game Table. This is Role.

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Role Interface: Table

Video Play for Everyone

Play with your friends using crisp, high-quality, stable video chat! Role puts the best part of the game front-and-center: the people. Intuitive tools for managing character sheets, rolling dice, and drawing cards all live seamlessly within the video experience - allowing you to keep gameplay moving quickly so you can focus on the adventure. Add visual aids to your game via images, maps, and tokens all easily uploaded via your Asset Tray. With Role, you can enjoy everything you need to play - without the headache of cumbersome complex tools.

Role Interface: Template Creator

Play Anything You Can Imagine

With the Role Template Creator, you can quickly and easily craft gameplay templates for any game you want to play - even homebrew content! Go as simple or as complex as you want with powerful code-free customization tools. Create automated game mechanics by linking elements together. Share your creations with your friends and community. Everything you create is guaranteed to work on Role, so you can focus on getting back to your favorite adventure.

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Play Something New

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new player or a seasoned veteran. The Role marketplace will help you discover, explore, and learn new games that meet your style.

Fill Your Table

Looking for people to play with? Need a Game Master to help run your game? Our community matching tools will help you find people and get playing quickly.

Are You a Game Creator?

Join the Role Creators Program

Role is looking for the best new game creators who want to share their work with the world. More than just a marketplace - we’re invested in helping people discover new content from diverse voices, and giving everyone the tools to easily understand and learn new games.

Whether you’re an indie designer or an established publisher, we want to help people connect with the worlds you’re dreaming of.

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Your Next Great Adventure Awaits

Role is currently in Early Access, now open to everyone! Want to be among the first to play?

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