UI Updates

October 16, 2020 - v0.2.4
  • Dice tray is open by default when you enter a table.
  • Made it easier to select and delete drawings on your maps. You can also move the map while in delete mode.
  • Added empty state copy to both the Asset Tray and Dice Roller.
  • Updated some styling on sheets for better readability.
  • Increased the range that you can zoom maps in and out.
  • Fixed PDFs that were marked as Maps or Tokens causing the app to crash.
  • Fixed a couple bugs where you couldn't get back to viewing your own sheets after looking at another user's sheet.
  • Fixed a bug where during sheet creation you could get stuck in a disabled state. We've also updated copy to make it clearer what the two buttons do.
  • Fixed a bug where during asset uploading you could get stuck in a disabled state.
  • Fixed a bug where the dice icons would sometimes partially disappear.

Video Fixes and Mobile Updates

October 14, 2020 - v0.2.3
  • Disabled being able to view your Dashboard or Table while using a mobile browser. Role is currently only supported on Desktops and Tablets.
  • Fixed an issue with cameras and microphones staying on after you hang up a call.
  • Fixed an issue with dates displaying incorrectly on the Dashboard.


October 10, 2020 - v0.2.2
  • Fixed an issue with connecting to video calls on tablets.
  • Fixed a couple issues with Maps causing crashes.

Skullfungus Games

October 9, 2020 - v0.2.1
  • Added game support for Mutants of Ixx and Down & Out in Dredgeburg by Skullfungus.
  • An alert will now show if you try to join a video/audio call and your browser doesn't have permissions for media devices.
  • Added a disabled state to buttons so you cannot double click when uploading an asset, creating a table or sheet, and joining a video call.
  • Fixed a crash caused by bad data when uploading and avatar or asset.
  • Fixed an issue with password reset not working.

Multiple Sheets and Bugfixes

October 6, 2020 - v0.2.0

We've been hard at work continuing to improve things and fix bugs from our initial batch of players. Most importantly we've fixed some bugs that caused crashing while using map & tokens, or rolling dice.

We've also added the ability to be able to create multiple sheets within a Table. Just click on your first sheet's avatar to reveal a menu allowing you to add an additional sheet!

Early Access is live!

September 30, 2020 - v0.1.0

Early access invites will start going out to backers today! We are sending them out in waves, and will be monitoring to make sure everything is running smoothly as each new wave of players starts using Role.