About Us

Our Founders

Elle Dwight (She/They) and Ian Hirschfeld (He/Him) have been working together since they were kids - building websites, designing games, and telling stories every step of the way. As best friends and co-founders, Ian & Elle believe in the transformative power of cooperative imagination and group play. Having built the first Role app in 2015 (now known as Role Classic on iOS), we have been overwhelmed by the positive impact their work has had - reaching over 100,000 players worldwide. Now, we have returned to our passion project together, and have re-launched Role as the world's premier online video play platform for RPGs and the communities around them. With nearly two decades of work behind us, including founding two companies together, we know this is only the beginning of great adventures to come!

A Special Thank You

A huge and wonderful thank you to all of our 2,902 Kickstarter Backers!

We appreciate each and every one of you who not only believed and supported Role from the beginning, but put money down into helping bring this platform to life.

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