Custom Dice and Search

May 18, 2023 - v0.38.0

Custom Dice

You can now create custom sided dice from within a room and within the template builder!

  • The Dice Roller in a room now has a new option in the top right to access Dice Settings. This is only visible to a Room Host.
  • Hosts can toggle which dice are available in the room, as well as set the default color.
  • From within the dice settings, hosts can also create custom sided dice for use by everyone in the room.
  • In the Templater Builder, you can add custom dice to the template. These dice are usuable in a Dice Pool element as well as when creating an Element Link to the Dice Roller.


We've updated our search to begin moving it towards a global search. When searching you will now see games available on the platform, products that are for sale, as well as templates published by the community.


  • Fixed dice with default color having a border after they are rolled.
  • Fixed being able to update the color of an element's dice link.
  • Fixed updating card settings from overwriting all room settings.