WYRD Dungeon

Happy Jak Games
Rules-Light3-5 Players3 Hours

A massive earthquake exhumes a lost labyrinth of treasures and monsters.

The magically-sealed gates of an ancient, evil lich’s castle have once again opened.

A mountainous mass of rock floats high above the kingdom, engulfing it in shadow; it begs to be explored and explained.
Whatever the place, whatever the reason, they must be plundered. They are the birthplace of new tales of valor and villainy; of bonds forged in curiosity, calamity, and coin; of epic battles, tense political negotiations, and tremendous treasures.

Gather your equipment, pull together a band of adventurers, and delve deep into the halls of your very own WYRD Dungeon.

What is WYRD Dungeon?

The WYRD Dungeon is meant to be picked up and played without preparation, and to facilitate generating a story in the moment. Your goal is simple: delve deep, explore everything, and cash out before all is lost…if you can…using the 11 d66 lists provided. Each playthrough will be randomly generated with new level names, traps, and factions.

Or, if you wish, simply use the lists to inspire your own ideas and plug them into your ongoing campaign.

Based on the WYRD Framework by Disaster Tourism. If you love OSR style of play, then you’ll love this. The core rules of the game are light and flexible so you can get into the dungeon in minutes.

“This is the kind of game I could walk into a pub with and run without a single issue, which—as someone who’s only running games out of local breweries right now—I appreciate immensely.” – Zack B.


  • 11 d66 lists (that’s 396 entries!) of quick and compelling names, traps, monsters, magic items, and more.
  • Incredible artwork to help players and GM alike get into the mindset of what may be found within the dungeon.
  • Both game and artwork fall under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
  • What you wield makes you who you are, not a class.
  • Sway, a meta resource, allows players to convince monsters to join their side rather than defaulting to violence.
  • Can be played as a GM-Full game (everyone at the table is both player and GM!).