Sword Queen Games
Moderate3-5 Players2 Hours

Countless generations ago, war ravaged the galaxy. Entire planets and star systems were swept up in bids for power and chaos. As factions gained more destructive power, entire civilizations were wiped out. In a desperate attempt to bring an end to the war, powerful individuals harnessed their connection to the Void. A mysterious energy that permeates all living things, and binds us together to act upon our collective will. But the Void was forced to become corruptive, a brutal means of controlling the flow of fate.

In recent years the Void has reached out. Almost everyone in the galaxy can sense the Void in some way, feel its ebb and flow, its desire to reconnect all beings. But there are those who attuned to the Void, who learned to wield it. In doing so they may change the laws of reality, and realign the paths of our collective fate. The galaxy calls you many things. Singers of the Void, The Chosen, The Reincarnated, Guardians of the Pathways, The Children of the Stars.

But you call yourselves the Voidwalkers.

A space opera of myth and magic, Voidwalkers uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system to tell epic tales of complex stellar heroes. Travel throughout the galaxy and bring balance to the Void, battle against the fearsome Lightbearers, and rewrite your destiny together. Use both dice and tarot cards to play to find out!

Voidwalkers uses a unique blend of card mechanics featuring tarot. Instructions for playing on Role are included in the game room.