Under a Hostile Sun

Martian Muckraker
Moderate3-5 Players4 Hours

The galaxy recently had a great upheaval. Now many, seeking to escape corrupt local governors and war-ravished worlds, are desperately taking to space exploration. It’s a hope for a better life. But at a cost. The planets explored will include environments not easily inhabitable containing volcanic hellscapes, colossal storms, radiation and more. But with some grit, and a firm faith in the Immutable, maybe, just maybe, you and your brave team of settlers will be able to survive and greet the alien sun, not as an existential threat, but as a friend.

  • An exploration-focused RPG. There is no combat system - rather the enemy is the brutal environment you are trying to survive in.
  • Streamlined but exciting system for Environmental Encounters that encourages risk vs reward decisions. Players have an unknown amount of Opportunity to accomplish their tasks.
  • Currency system that allows easy tracking of resources mined from the planet. Find alien creatures to produce even rarer resources and maybe even the Prime Matter - unlimited potential - itself.
  • Alchemy System that allows for wide creativity.
  • Includes a starter adventure, Scandal on Demeter VI, that will have your players facing a molten environment, a giant mutagenic beehive and more!
  • Licensedunder the new ORC LICENSE!

“Under a Hostile Sun is a fantastic option for sci-fi lovers as it offers opportunities to explore and complete creative, plot-driven missions. With awell-balanced encounter system, the game provides a fun mix of role-play and mechanics. Very simple to learn and play, which makes it accessible to all!” -AC

“Under a Hostile Sun is aninteractive and collaborative multiplayer RPG game. Players who have an affinity for teamwork and are mission-driven would enjoy engaging in such an adventure.” -Blanca