Sweet Revenge

World Champ Game Co.
Rules-Light2-6 Players2 Hours

Crawl through the circles of Hell demolishing any sorry soul in your way to face down the devil in “Sweet Revenge” by Adam Vass.

Go To Hell
You may be dead but you’re not quite done living. Journey downward through spirals and circles of Hell, laying waste to any demonic beast that stands in your way. Use the method you died to inform your inventory and abilities on your violent quest.

Count Your Sins
Give in to your darkest qualities: your SINS are your stats. Seven of the deadliest, each with unique abilities that you can leverage to enact your will. The more corrupted your soul gets by the forces of Hell, the stronger you become. This easy yet unique system combines familiar aspects of games like Down We Go and BXLLET .

Confront Your Demons
Face off against a trove of fallen angels, giants, infernal beasts, and more on your way to confront the devil and demand your final wish be answered… if you don’t succumb to your darkest traits along the way.