Roots & Flowers

The Gift of Dice
Rules-Light3-6 Players3 Hours

Winner of the Applied Hope Fruiting Bodies Award
Winner of The Sith Awards in two categories: “Best Anti-Post-Apocalyptic Game About People Just Enjoying Life in the Future”, and “Best Yet Another Lasers and Feelings Hack”.


A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings

In a not-so-distant future, we gave up the illusion of knowing better. This opened new avenues in technological innovation, improving life, and opening our awareness of the subtle, ancestral magic of the world.

You are the local community’s troubleshooters. Your community turns to you for aid in things big and small. You resolve them by means of innovation, knowledge, technology, mediation, and ancestral guidance.

Player Goals:

  • aid and support your community;
  • go on wild, fun, solarpunk adventures;
  • challenge the legacy of the World Before;
  • imagine possible futures.

The ebook (epub) and Simple Text (rtf) versions contain the entire game and are available for free in the “Download the demo” section, as well as the repository online on Codeberg.


ROOTS & FLOWERS is a Solarpunk game. Here we imagine what could happen when communities take a hard turn toward inclusive, sustainable living.

Use your tech-savvy, interpersonal skills or ancestral magic to tackle issues that trouble your community and enjoy something nice - we all deserve it.

This game was made for the Applied Hope Jam and the Solarpunk Jam.

In Other Media

Roots& Flowers got a brief mention in a video essay about solarpunk ( timestamp ).

Safety Tools

Find a rundown of safety tools here.

Cover Art: Apollo Uhlenbruck

Twitter: @youknowfromtv

Layout: Gaël Sacré (Willox)

Twitter: @gaelsacre

Special Thanks:

mv , Jo Lindsay, sadpress , Vagrant Ludology , Daisy Mae, Logan Timmins , David Blandy