Masks - Cataclysm at the Metajunction

Magpie Games
Moderate3-5 Players3 Hours

Cataclysm at the Metajunction* digital supplement for Masks: A New Generation is a combination setting, scenario, and ruleset you can use to expand your game of MASKS!

Plunge your superheroes into an exciting story of interdimensional travel, alternate realities, parallel versions of favorite characters and locations.

These stories are limitless and Cataclysm at the Metajunction is here to help you bring those stories into your game of MASKS, sending your whole team of young superheroes adventuring across Pancreation!

In this supplement, you get:

  • The Metajunction—what it is, what’s happening to it, and how you can use it within your game of Masks
  • New mechanics to support the introduction of parallel worlds and alternate versions of the PCs
  • 2 new Costumes– a mini-playbook that adjusts the nature of an existing MASKS character
  • 15 new villains and heroes to involve in the struggle for the survival of the Metajunction!

*Requires core game to play