Lancer: Battlegroup

Massif Press
Complex3-6 Players3 Hours

Lancer: Battlegroup is a game of tactical naval combat that takes place within the universe of Lancer, allowing players to step into the role of naval commanders leading groups of capital ships, subline vessels, and wings of strike craft into battle. As one of these commanders, the decisions you make will be the difference between victory and defeat, and each of those decisions will be measured by the cost of lives. Casualties are inevitable, but your actions may win the day for many more.

This is a stand-alone product and does not require the original Lancer Core Book to play.

Included with the Lancer: Battlegroup Core Book are the following:

  • Full, original art from some of the best illustrators working in indie comics, concept design, product design, and character design today.
  • Full, deep setting information, GM toolkit, and back-end information to help you plan out your own Lancer: Battlegroup narrative.
  • Rich tactical fleet combat without the need for maps - all designed for seamless online video play.

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