Isle of Ixx

Rules-Light3-4 Players3 Hours

After a terrible storm, you are shipwrecked on a mysterious, tropical island. Ancient ruins and strange relics litter the island and primordial dangers are found everywhere. What is the Isle of Ixx and is there a way to escape it?

Social encounters! Encounter fellow survivors in Wrecktown and interact with odd swamp dwelling mutant tribes, and more.

Permanent character growth(?) Bathe in strange radiation and develop new powers, get a fungal infection, lose a limb.

Treasure galore! Find occult relics and become a wielder of eldritch super-magic.

Witness the Eternal Storm, bane of ship and sailor alike! Surely escaping the island is possible, but how?

Hunt or be hunted by strange and primordial beasts! All fully illustrated with brief and easy-to-run descriptions and statistics.

Simple ruleset! Create your character and start playing in minutes using rules using the Mark of the Odd license.

Use what you get! Start the game with a pet monkey with profane powers, a cutlass and some bananas.

Sixteen locations to explore! Everything from caves, settlements, mysterious structures, alien cities and the placid Lake Ixx.

Need more adventure? Make your own adventures using the many maps and tables provided to further expand the Isle of Ixx.

Easy to read, easy to run! Short and to-the-point area descriptions with isometric maps and hand drawn illustrations.

Low level, high lethality! Use your wits and a little bit of luck to overcome the challenge ahead.