Isle of Dragons

Isle of Dragons
Rules-Light2-5 Players2 Hours


Be the writers, cast and crew of your own RPG show! Formatted like a television screenplay, Isle of Dragons is a rules light system that puts storytelling first.

The show is about an epic adventure long ago. It is the year 980 and near the coast of medieval Scotland, the mythical island of Hy-Brazil magically appears in a shroud of mist.

  • IOD6 Rules Light System
  • Background music and maps on YouTube
  • FREE Player’s Guide
  • FREE Full Preview of the Director’s Guide

Is the show a “chosen one” journey? Perhaps a band of Heroes or Thieves? It’s up to you. Each episode is part of a 12 part season with characters who develop as the show goes on.The PDFs feature many hyperlinks to help bring the myths and monsters to life!

The game room on Role has tokens and a full PDF of the Player’s Guide ready to go. Play the game FREE with easy access to the full Director’s Guide on the Isle of Dragons website.

IOD6 is a simple system based on 6 sided dice. It is easily adaptable to B/X and other classic systems and will quickly feel familiar to most game masters.

Episodes are released in PDF and EBook format. Stay tuned and subscribe! Support the good folks at Role and buy your copy here! Record your session. Post it live or edit to its target one hour length. Make it a show YOU would love to watch! Work with the Director and other players to make something really special.

Happy Gaming!