CyberMetal 2012

World Champ Game Co.
Moderate3-6 Players2 Hours

As Citizens of Pentagram City, you aren’t heroes, you aren’t powerful, you aren’t even important. You’re an 8 track tape, good for a couple plays before your broken shell is tossed under the wheels of confusion like worthless trash.. You won’t climb the ranks of this city, but you will do what you can to make life better for yourself and the other citizens while avoiding the fuckers out there who want to rip your soul from your body and upload it to the hardwired Pentaweb.

CYBERMETAL 2012 is a tabletop roleplaying game of demons, metalheads, and weirdos surviving and thriving in an isolated city of warped technology in an alternate timeline featuring tons of analog ink illustrations, intuitive dice mechanics for fans of Mothership or Blades in the Dark, fascinatingly weird worldbuilding, and much more.