CBR+PNK Augmented

Emanoel Melo
Rules-Light2-5 Players4 Hours

In CBR+PNK (Cyber plus Punk) you play as a team of RUNNERS—mercs, criminals, activists living on the edge and running in the shadows of a gritty, ultraviolent world. In each game we play an entire new cast of characters making their LAST RUN.

CBR+PNK runs on a super-condensed version of John Harper’s Forged in the Dark system, specially tweaked for action-packed ONE-SHOT sessions.

As a minimalist game, everything is presented as a series of eight-panel pamphlets:

  • GM GUIDE: Contains the core system rules and a comprehensive breakdown of all the steps needed to run CBR+PNK one-shots.
  • RUNNER FILE: The character playbook, also containing all the player-facing rules—character creation, stress, special actions, recovery, etc.
  • FRAMEWORK: Provides further guidelines for the GM on applying Consequences, general advice, on the fly /RUN creation tables and rules for campaign play.