Fari RPGs
Rules-Light2-5 Players3 Hours

The city has been walled up from the outside. You are stuck with breathless Crawlers roaming as far as the eye can see. You are surrounded by strangers, and the only thing left to do is survive. You can’t give up now.

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Breathless is a survival horror role-playing game where you play as Survivors trying to stay alive in a walled city full of Crawlers (zombies). The entire game fits on two sides of a letter-sized sheet of paper, making it the perfect game to print at home and enjoy for a nice and cozy zombie killing one shot.

The game is inspired by things like: Shaun of the Dead, Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us, and other great zombie related media.

Basically, if you want to kill some breathless living dead, this is the game you are looking for.


  • Beautiful half-fold brochure that contains everything you need to play.
  • Simple, yet deadly rules that reflect how tiring it is to survive a zombie apocalypse.
  • Rolling tables for weapons, locations, complications, missions, and more.
  • Looting mechanics to make sure you are properly armed against the undead.
  • Items deterioration mechanics for when you use them as a way to stay alive.
  • A beautiful character sheet available directly on the back cover of the brochure.