Studio Liminal
Moderate3-4 Players2 Hours

“You will journey together for a time, to understand this place, to escape it, to begin again, or to finish what was left undone.”

Light encompasses you as you are cast like fallen stars across the perpetual twilight sky and down to the lands below. Among a barren landscape of the Astra, billowing storm-like clouds of energy and potential crawl and churn. Filled with questions yet driven by a shared purpose, your Journey begins. The Astra has Called you…

Astra is a tabletop role-playing game of ethereal weirdness in which players take on the role of diverse characters called from across space and time to a strange and surreal new world. Together they will undertake a journey to discover what connects and binds them to each other. The nature of the Astra allows them to explore their dreams, manifest new realities simply through the force of their own will, and overcome the nightmares that dwell in their own hearts.

  • A 170-page rulebook for players and Guides, covering all aspects of Journeys through the Astra.
  • Cooperative Channeling mechanics allow players to work together to overcome obstacles.
  • Extensive full-color original and licensed artworks from a variety of international artists.