Aetherholme QuickPlay

Fox and Badger Studios
Moderate4 Players3 Hours

The Quickplay Bundle for Aetherholme the TTRPG.

Bundle contains:

  • 3 Situations, each of which should be able to be completed within a single session
  • 3 Pregen Character sheets
  • 2 Page Quickstart simplified rules
  • Maps

Play requires a physical or digital deck of 54 playing cards. Other trackers are in the sheets.

This is our first released product and a Kickstarter should be launching soon if not already active at the time you are downloading this.
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Welcome to the City and to Aetherholme the RPG. Aetherholme is an aetherpunk tabletop RPG about found family and the bonds forged through struggles. The Wall surrounds the only home you or anyone has ever known. Aether controls the daily lives of Citizens, the Guilds control the Aether, and the City controls the Guilds. In the City, you must follow the Legislation. The Legislation keeps the City in balance. The Legislation keeps you safe.

Aetherholme the RPG is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG). In Tabletop Role-playing, a group gathers around a table or through the Internet and tell collaborative stories. One player, the Game Master or the City Manager (CM) in this game, controls the worlds and enemies while the others control their characters (Citizens). Rules and Stats add drama and danger via the flip of a card.