Focus Mode Updates and Persistent Room Settings

February 24, 2023 - v0.34.0

Focus Mode Updates

We've added a little more functionality to "Focus Mode", the toggle found in your video call settings menu when connected inside of a room. In addition to hiding video thumbnails when in speaker view, focus mode will now also:

  1. Hide any players that have not yet connected to the video call in grid view.
  2. Hide any players that are connected to the video call but have both their camera & mic turned off.

Persistent Room Settings

We've added the ability to persist certain settings your set while in a room that you've created or joined. The following settings will now save from session to session:

  • The volume the host has set for shared audio.
  • If you have muted the lobby music.
  • If you have toggled on showing dice totals.
  • If you have enabled private dice rolls.
  • If you have enabled auto clearing your dice rolls.
  • The last dice color you selected.


  • Fixed lobby music becoming unmuted if the music file changed while you are still in the room.
  • Fixed shared audio correctly looping if you enabled looping before playing a track.