Auto Clear Dice and Bugfixes

January 30, 2023 - v0.31.2
  • Adds an option to auto clear your dice after a roll. This new setting can be found in the Dice Roller. When enabled, anytime you add new dice to your roller, if all previous dice have already been rolled, they will be removed as well as any currently selected buffs and refs.
  • Unselecting a Dice Pool now removes the dice that it added to the roller.
  • Unselecting any gameplay element now unselects all linked elements.
  • Fixes Dice Pool menu from appearing behind other UI elements.
  • Fixes highlighting the active section in a sheet's table of contents.
  • Fixes a crash when switching between sheets that have different sections.
  • Fixes a crash from attempting to drag a group on a read only sheet or template.