Room Theming and Video Improvements

December 13, 2022 - v0.30.0

Room Theming

Hosts can now theme their rooms for better customization of their gaming experience!

  • In your Room Settings you'll find new options for uploading background art, choosing the UI colors, and setting the colors that get assigned to players.
  • Players can now go to their Settings in a room and select which colors from the room's theme they would like to use.

To learn more check out our Room Theming FAQ.

Video Improvements

We've got many new improvements to how video on Role works:

  • Speaker mode now available! You can switch between grid view and speaker view. When in speaker view, automatic detection of who is speaking keeps that person front and center. Click on a person to pin them and make them as the main focus.
  • New UX: Videos now appear in square format to better maximize how much space each person can take up on screen. Viewing a map, image, or screen share now takes up the maximum available screen space with players sitting on top.
  • Improve video tile layout logic to make sure everyone is always visible.

To learn more check out our Table Guide FAQ.