Asset Tray Updates

v0.18.1 - February 1st, 2022

Our team is ramping up for a big year of releases to the Role platform! For our first update of 2022 we are tidying up some UX at tables and fixing some bugs.

  • Updated the design of the Asset Tray and Asset Library Modal. They now have a filter bar and sorting.
  • Updated the list of rolling users at a table show the person's matching display name instead of only their username.
  • Updated accessibility of the Quick-Start Bar.
  • Fixed the asset tray sometimes disappearing or getting into a weird position.
  • Fixed asset pop-up menus sometimes getting cropped and becoming unclickable.
  • Fixed the sheets panel at a table not showing up when your first join.
  • Fixed being able to close shared maps if the map comes from a quick-start game.