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Role is a free RPG platform designed to help you dive directly into an immersive gameplay experience. From 5e to indie games, Role puts the best part of playing front-and-center: the people!

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The Best Way to Play

With Role, you can enjoy everything you need to play without the headache of cumbersome complex tools. Accelerate play with easy access to intuitive stat tracking, dice, and simple maps & tokens.

Clear & Stable Video

Put your party front and center with unlimited stable HD video. Catch every smile, gesture, and performance with picture-perfect clarity.

Simple Sheets

All of the information you need to play at your finger tips. Our intuitive sheets make playing your favorite games easier than ever.

Powerful Creation Tools

Imagine anything with Role's code-free Creator Suite, and share these creations easily with anyone.

Plan Less.
Play More.

Playing Games should be easy. Role is the easiest way to gather, socialize, and imagine adventures with the people you love — all from the comfort of your home.

Play Anything

Make your own creations, collaborate with friends, or play a game you know and love. The only limit is your imagination.

Putting Player Safety First

Designed in collaboration with Lauren Bryant-Monk and Kienna Shaw, Role's built in safety features ensure every player at your table feels comfortable and respected.

Community Focused

We're only as strong as the people who play with us. That's why Role puts community first.

Love from players and creators alike

  • "The @roleapp is a complete game changer. Utterly beautiful... it has everything we need.
    1. Stability
    2. Ease of Use
    3. Customization for any scenario."- @Antifreke
  • "Sound quality is perhaps the best we’ve had, beating Discord, Roll20 and even Zoom. Fantastic quality and no disconnects"- @brumpolarbears
  • "The first time playing online without paper sheets next to us. With Role for character sheets, it felt real in a way it hasn’t since quarantine. Thank you @roleapp."- @FoxAndBadgerRPG
  • "This platform is truly incredible. Switching fully from Skype/Roll20 to Role. Audio and video are awesome. Great great quality. Loving it so far. Been looking for a platform that lets me create my own sheets for years now.”- @Gabe
  • “Things I love about @roleapp:
    - UI is Clean/Easy to Read
    - Love the Camera and Mic is right there without needing a 3rd Party Program
    - Making Character Sheets is Simple”- @CroxMarcus