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Don’t waste time with multiple apps. Role gives you high-quality video and audio, customizable character sheets, flexible dice, maps & tokens, drawing, chat, and more!

Role running on a desktop, tablet, and phone

Sound quality is perhaps the best we’ve had, beating Discord, Roll20 and even Zoom. Fantastic quality and no disconnects.

- @brumpolarbears
Twitter Community

All the Tools for Play and Creation

  • HD Video and Audio

    A truly immersive play experience. You'll be able to see and hear every detail of your next game session with crystal-clear clarity.

    Role Video UI
  • Text Chat: Group & DMs

    Integrated text chat and direct messaging lets players and game masters communicate in both public and private channels.

    Role Chat UI
  • Play on Any Device

    A complete, easy, and uncompromised play experience for running every game on any device. Role works on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

    Role on mobile phones
  • Character Sheets

    Search thousands of free customizable character sheets to easily track and manage your character's stats, abilities, and equipment.

    Role Sheets UI
  • Drag & Drop Builder

    Build custom sheets for any existing ttrpg system or design your next great game with our code-free tool. Publish and share your creations with the Role community.

    Role Builder UI
  • Dice, Buffs, and References

    Our flexible digital dice roller makes rolling dice fun and easy. Integrate it with your Role game sheets to automatically add buffs and references to any roll.

    Role Dice Roller UI
  • Maps, Tokens, and Drawing

    Quickly turn images into maps and tokens to share with your party. Collaborative drawing tools further add to the play experience.

    Role Maps & Tokens UI
  • Asset Management

    During play, game room asset tabs keep your rulebooks, images, maps, and tokens organized. Easily share any asset or keep them private.

    Role Assets UI
  • Safety Tools

    Feeling safe and comfortable is core to a great ttrpg experience. Role’s integrated safety tools allow anyone at the table to send an alert whenever needed.

    Role Safety Tools

One Place to Play Them All

Role supports any TTRPG you want to play

Games published on Role

Need a new game?

Check out our ever expanding marketplace of titles from popular publishers and new Indies! Everything you buy on Role is DRM free for you to download and take with you to use wherever you choose.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Use our Search feature to discover game sheets created by our community. Over 10,000+ game templates created so far!

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Upload it to your Role account for use in your sessions.

Craft New Worlds and Experiences

Sheet Builder

Role’s dynamic Drag and Drop Sheet Builder lets you create content for your favorite ttrrpg or even build your own custom games. Add buffs, clocks, images, dice automation, and other powerful elements to take your creations to the next level.

Room Theming

Immerse players in the experience by styling your game room with custom colors and background art of your choosing.

2 screenshots of Role sheet builder and theming UI

Join thousands of creators bringing new games, supplements, adventures to life on Role today!

Love for Role

  • The @roleapp is a complete game changer. Utterly beautiful... it has everything we need.
    1. Stability
    2. Ease of Use
    3. Customization for any scenario.

    - @Antifreke
    Twitter Community
  • Sound quality is perhaps the best we’ve had, beating Discord, Roll20 and even Zoom. Fantastic quality and no disconnects.

    - @brumpolarbears
    Twitter Community
  • The first time playing online without paper sheets next to us. With Role for character sheets, it felt real in a way it hasn’t since quarantine. Thank you @roleapp.

    - @FoxAndBadgerRPG
    Twitter Community
  • This platform is truly incredible. Switching fully from Skype/Roll20 to Role. Audio and video are awesome. Great great quality. Loving it so far. Been looking for a platform that lets me create my own sheets for years now.

    - @Gabe
    Discord Community
  • Things I love about @roleapp:
    - UI is Clean/Easy to Read
    - Love the Camera and Mic is right there without needing a 3rd Party Program
    - Making Character Sheets is Simple

    - @CroxMarcus
    Twitter Community

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