Welcome to a new kind of Role-Playing platform, focused on Video-First group play & easy Game creation.

Role Interface: Table - Video Grid & Character Sheet

Play your way with high-quality video chat, simple & intuitive gameplay tools, and easy code-free customization for playing any Role-Playing game you can imagine.

Every story, every world, every version of you.
This is your Game Table. This is Role.

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What is Role?

Are you tired of complex virtual tabletops that don’t fit your game?

Role is a better way to play your favorite tabletop RPGs online. From D&D to indie games, Role puts the best part of playing front-and-center: the people! Intuitive tools for for playing & creating games all live seamlessly in a clear and powerful interface. Keep prep time low and gameplay breezy.

With Role, you can enjoy everything you need to play - without the headache of cumbersome complex tools.

Role Interface: Table - Dice Roller & Character Sheet
Role Interface: Table - Maps, Tokens, & Drawing
Role Interface: Template Creator

HD Video

Enjoy unlimited stable HD video play, front and center where it belongs.

Intuitive Sheets

No more aimless searching for information. Navigate quickly with our automatic table of contents.

Dice & Stats

Everything you need to track rolls, stat buffs, over/under scoring, pools, and more - right at your fingertips.

Easy Assets

Cut down on prep time. Upload and manage reference images, PDFs, and more - quickly and easy.

Maps & Tokens

Make any image into a map! Easily add tokens of any size, draw in real-time, and share with your party.

Play Anything

Our template creator allows you to quickly build templates for any game, all 100% code-free.

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Loved by Players and Game Masters

“The @roleapp is a complete game changer. Utterly beautiful... it has everything we need.
1. Stability
2. Ease of Use
3. Customization for any scenario.”

“This platform is truly incredible. Switching fully from Skype/Roll20 to Role. Audio and video are awesome. Great great quality. Loving it so far. Been looking for a platform that lets me create my own sheets for years now.”

“This honestly feels like the best way to play DotD online. Highly recommend people check it out.”

“Sound quality is perhaps the best we’ve had, beating Discord, Roll20 and even Zoom. Fantastic quality and no disconnects”

“Things I love about @roleapp:
- UI is Clean/Easy to Read
- Love the Camera and Mic is right there without needing a 3rd Party Program
- Making Character Sheets is Simple”

“I'm so impressed with Role. We had our first session, the audio was perfect, video was very stable, and one player spontaneously said, "wow, even filling my sheet out is fun". Everybody loved how Role never got in the way.”

“The first time playing online without paper sheets next to us. With Role for character sheets, it felt real in a way it hasn’t since quarantine. Thank you @roleapp.”

“Not gonna lie, right now all our plans for live streaming future games are hinging on this platform.”

“I’ve only run games on Role a couple of times, but the video and audio was absolutely silky smooth both times. Got very positive comments from the players about the interface.”

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Whether you’re an indie designer or an established publisher, we want to help people connect with the worlds you’re dreaming of.

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