Screen Sharing

v0.20.0 - June 2nd, 2022

Screen Sharing is here!

Hosts now have the ability to share their screen to the room! When connected to a video call you'll see a new set of audio/video controls at the bottom center of the screen. These new controls include a button to share your screen. Once you give your browser permissions, you'll be able to share your entire screen or a specific application (depends on which browser you use). You can read more about setting up and using screen share in our Guide here.

A/V Updates

We've added a "Lobby View" when you first enter a room. This solves a couple of things:

  1. We wanted to make it clear that when you first enter a room, it's obvious what the main action is to get started. Now you will be presented with a clear call to action to join the video call.
  2. We wanted to make it clear when you were and were not connected to a video call.

We have also moved the camera and mic buttons from the top right of the page to the bottom center. This better aligns with more common video software practices and makes it more obvious when you have a device turned on or off.

Dashboard Updates

As we prepare to add the ability to search and expand the support for starter game rooms, we knew we needed to rethink the organization of everyone's dashboard. To start this transition here are the changes that are taking place:

  • We are renaming "Tables" throughout the platform to "Rooms".
  • Our main navigation which previously had two pages, "Play" and "Create", has been updated to three pages: "Games", "Rooms", "Play Materials".
  • Games will include what was previously our "Quick-Start Adventures". This is just the beginning of what content will be here, more to come soon!
  • Rooms are what was previously Tables and now includes tabs for quickly filtering and sorting your tables.
  • Play Materials includes everyting that was previously under Create. This is where you will find your Sheets, Sheet Templates, and Assets. We also added a tabs bar to your Sheet Templates.

Misc Updates and Fixes

  • We have the very early beginnings of a Guide & FAQ that we will continue to add to. You can find the guide here.
  • Fixed an issue with some modals being too tall and going off the page.
  • Fixed chat getting stuck in a loading state when first joining a room.