New and Improved Sheets & Templates

v0.17.0 - September 27th, 2021

In our biggest update yet, we have completely overhauled our Sheets and Templates! After months of feedback from our community of early game masters, players, and creators, we put together a list of updates to make sheets and templates more flexible and powerful. Check out our blog post highlighting everything that has been updated, but to start here is a quickfire list of changes:


  • Updating our dark theme to bring in a little color to our previously all grey UI.
  • Redesigned Sheets to improve readability of text and better distinguish the various elements displayed.
  • We've redesigned the Table of Contents to make it easier to navigate long sheets.
  • Sections within a sheet can now be reordered and collapsed.


  • Updated the creator to streamline how you add labels, descriptions, and access to common functions that were previously hidden in advanced options.
  • Drag & Drop! You can now drag and drop elements and groups to organize your template.
  • New Elements: Groups (formerly Blocks), Dropdowns, Clocks, Text, and Images.
  • Markdown enabled in Note elements.
  • No more blocks or limiting what can and cannot be 1 or 2 columns. You can now mix and match element sizes within the same Section or Group.

More details on our blog: